New and Used Shuffleboard Tables in Phoenix and Scottsdale

York ShuffleboardLooking for a used shuffleboard table in Phoenix or Scottsdale? At Slots, Billiards and More, we can help you find the perfect new or used shuffleboad table for your game room, rec room, or entertainment space. Any used shuffleboard table we sell is carefully inspected to ensure years of exciting play. Alignment is extremely important when it comes to shuffleboard, because the surface friction is so low. Any warping or deviation from perfectly flat and level will affect game play.

With what seems like acres of beautifully polished wood, shuffleboard tables are such a statement piece for your game room. There's just no reason to settle for one that doesn't look great, in addition to playing prefectly. If that means a new one, you're in luck. We have one of the best selections of new shuffleboard tables in Phoenix or Scottsdale. Hey, if you're in Mesa or Apache Junction and have a hankering for shuffleboard in your game room, why don't you come check us out, too.

A gameroom would not be complete without your own high quality shuffleboard from Olhausen Games. These shuffleboard tables are made with either a 16" 2.25" solid maple polymer play field or a 20" playfield in 3" solid maple polymer play field. Additionally, each cradle for the playfield is made out of solid maple or poplar wood, creating a beautiful, elegant look for the home gameroom shuffleboard.

There are multiple styles to choose from and colors to match your Arizona Billiards Company pool table. Each shuffleboard tables Phoenix also comes with playfield dust, pucks and the Olhausen games lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship.

Shuffleboard is a traditional bar game that is becoming more and more popular for home gamerooms and younger generations. There are several ways to play the game, including: Knock Off, Crazy Eight, Horse Collar, Target, Tap & Draw.

Used Shuffleboard Tables What to Look For

Table Size
Shuffleboard tables are long. So long in fact, that you can have trouble fitting all 22' of a regulation sized table in your game room. On the other hand, that may be the perfect fit. If not though, never fear. An abbreviated length table can will give you all the enjoyment you'd get on a full-sized table.

At Billiards, Slots, and More, we specialize in finding you the perfect shuffleboard table for your needs. To do that, it's got to fit in your space, so we can shrink the table, but not the fun. Get a great shuffleboard experience on tables as short as 9', or over 22'. Whatever the size, it's a blast to play on.

The highest quality shuffleboard decks are made of laminated hardwood. American Maple is typical on the best tables. The ply's gain is alternated to resist warping and provide a consistent playing surface over time. The playing surface is topped with a thick layer of polymer varnish. This protects the wood and delivers great long term wear characteristics. Even if you buy a used table, properly cared for, a high quality table will last nearly forever, and play perfectly the whole time.

Climate Adjust Bar
Any table you're considering should include a feature that compensates for difference in temperature and humidity. It's called a climate or climatic adjustment. It's easy to spot. Just bend over and look underneath any table you're thinking about. It should have a threaded round bar. That ensures that the table will always retain the perfect concave playing surface, and can be adjusted for temperature or humidity changes. All the shuffleboard tables we sell in our Scottsdale, AZ showroom include these important adjustment features.

A shuffleboard table will add untold hours of fun to your family gatherings and parties. Contact us now and let us help make sure you get the best new or used shuffleboard table in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Mesa, AZ.

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