Pinball Machines

PinballWe carry a variety of classic and newer pinball machines. Each one of the pinball machines that we receive has been inspected by a 35-year veteran technician of pinball machines and the play fields have been waxed, rubbers checked and given a once over to ensure that everything is working.

Pinball machines are a classic gameroom addition and are a lot of fun for the whole family. Pinball machines will vary in price based on age, condition and popularity of the game. Think of them similar to cars. Some have collectors value, others do not.

Our variety of pinball machines is going to vary from month to month based on what we get in and what we sell. Since there is only one manufacturer of pinballs remaining (Stern) all of our pinball machines are reconditioned and in working condition. This also varies what we will carry based on what we can get and if we think it will be a good gameroom addition.

If you don't see what you want, many times we can track it down. Please just let us know and we will find it for you.

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