Selecting A Pool Table in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Purchasing a pool table for your Phoenix home game room, that is right for you, is a big decision. A pool table is major purchase for any home owner and is a piece of furniture that can last a lifetime.

When purchasing a pool table, you will have many choices from size, style, color, slate, wood, and so on. The most important of the choices from the beginning is size. If it is too big, you won't have any room to play. Too small, may not look right in your room. There are three major sizes to a pool table; 7', 8' & 9'. All these sizes are regulation. What makes a regulation table is length equals two times the width. This measurement is taken from inside the cushions, not the exterior of the table.

To get the correct room size, check out our room chart or know that you want at least 5' of shooting distance all the way around the pool table. This measurement is based on a standard 57" cue and can be adjusted based on the length of cue you decide to play or your room constraints.


Next, check to make sure that your pool table is solid wood construction with Brazilian or Italian slate playfield. A solid wood table is a table constructed of just that, solid wood. Some companies call a veneer covered press board solid wood. However grammatically correct they are, this is not a solid wood table. Choosing a veneer or pressboard pool table will make you susceptible to uneven playing surfaces, fading, chipped veneer, and a far inferior pool table. An additional benefit to buying a solid wood table is that you can typically choose the color that best fits your room.

Brazilian and Italian slate are the two best slates to choose from because they offer stability in your playing surface with little chance for shifting or chipping and both origins have refined the art of honing slate.

A pool table is an investment piece of furniture. Choosing the proper style is going to be based on your tastes and interior decor. Golden West Billiards and Olhausen Billiards both offer multiple styles and options of solid wood, American Made Tables.

If you live in the Phoenix, Arizona area stop by Slots, Billiards & More today to talk to one of our experienced representatives to help you with your choice or we can come to you, measure your game room and give ideas. A pool table can offer years of family fun. Happy shopping.

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